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Take Off Your Socks!!!
Published on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This story was submitted anonymously.

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"True story named changed."

I had been frequently sexually active with Barbara for a few weeks, but I had not yet had the chance to get at her feet in any major sexual way. I had massaged her feet once, and that was it for the time being. We had had sex once. I got head from her a couple of times, and we had done our fair share of fooling around. But one day I made a move for her feet.

She came over to hang out, and we were watching televsion. We sat on my bed, and watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force while we were stoned. I kneeled to the floor, took her white sneakers off, and started massaging her feet. I really wanted to take off her socks, but she wouldn’t let me. I continued to massage her feet with her socks on, and tried to take off her socks a couple times.

It’s cold!” She said. “Please don’t!”

For some reason, even though she didn’t let me take her socks off at that moment, I decided to pull my dick out for a footjob. I sandwiched her socked feet around my dick, and she started to jerk me off with her feet. She was really good at it. This was a great footjob because she was really rough with my dick (the way I think foot jobs should be done). She pressed my dick against her left foot, and with her right foot she peeled back my foreskin as far as it could go. I was in heaven.

I still wanted to pull off her socks. I would start to take off one of the socks, and she would tell me to stop.

Then I would just comply, and let her continue to foot-fuck me with her socks on. I kept trying, but she wouldn’t let me. I found it really odd that she had no problem rubbing her socked feet on my dick, but she wouldn’t let me take her socks off. Eventually I snapped. I had to feel her bare feet on my dick. It was driving me mad.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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