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Surprised Spouses
Published on Sunday, September 7, 2008


This illustrated story was submitted anonymously.

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Editor's note: This story was inspired by some e-mail correspondence
between two readers of the story Married Friends With Benefits, and
permission was given to create a discreet story out of it. If what is
written more or less strikes your interest, and you are in either the Los
Angeles or Washington, DC area, feel free to send a message to You never know what might happen.

My husband has a foot fetish, so I'm pretty familiar with how a lot of you guys get so turned on by a pair of female feet. The irony about my husband's foot fetish is that I didn't learn about it directly from him even though I highly suspected it when we were dating before we married. He always included some kind of attention to my feet whenever we made love, which of course I enjoyed a lot. Even though we never really spoke about it by identifying his foot fetish directly, it was kind of understood by both of us, and I happily accomodated his sexual interests.

Surprisingly, we didn't openly talk about my husband's foot fetish until after we were married. It took baby steps to get there. At one point he inadvertently left his browser open to this Great Feet Foot Fetish Site. He had been on one of the sole shot pages. I have to admit that I was a little bit pissed that he was looking at feet on the Internet, not because of the act itself, but because he kept it from me. I felt betrayed. But in retrospect, I now know that he was simply too embarrassed or shy about it to let me know.

I didn't tell my husband that I had definitively found out about his foot fetish because of the little mistake of leaving his browser open. Instead, I did a little research on my own about guys and their foot fetish, and then I started bringing up the subject a little bit at a time. I don't remember how it happened exactly, but at some point there came a time when I would join him in checking out the latest pictures on the Great Feet Foot Fetish site.

Now I don't have a foot fetish myself, but I've certainly come to appreciate the enjoyment of foot stimulation when we're being sexual together. Not only that, but I've happily evolved into quite a sexual being because of my husband's proclivity in the swinging scene even though my basic instinct is to be monogomous. The only "rule" that I have about being with others is that he's not allowed to have intercourse with anyone else but me. Happily enough, he's actually fine with that rule even though other men sometimes have intercourse with me. But don't think I'm being cruel about it, or that I have a double standard. It's not like that. The thing is, my husband gets off watching others be with me, and when it suits me, I indulge him. After all, as long as I get to make the ultimate choice of who will be with me like that, that kind of naughtiness can be quite enjoyable, and satisfying.

The main reason that I agreed to have this story published on-line is that I knew it would turn my husband on. I hope that it will turn on the rest of you foot fetish guys as well, which kind of makes me wet thinking about it. When I told my husband what inspired the story, he got hard as a rock, and encouraged me to write it. The story more or less came about when I began having some on-line chats with Diane's husband Bob (see
Married Friends With Benefits), and the two of us decided to create a naughty surprise for our spouses. I certainly had fun arranging it with Bob, and things turned out quite well.

My husband and Bob had already gotten to know each other through the SwingLifeStyle site. In due time, he had arranged for Bob and his wife Diane to "surprise" me after I had been blindfolded, stripped completely naked, and bound spread eagle in our bedroom. We had done this kind of thing before with other people, and with the right couple, or occasional single guy or gal, I'm perfectly happy to indulge my husband like this. He can be so kinky, and I love it!

This time, however, Bob and I decided to "turn the tables" on our spouses. We had played enough times as a foursome to know that they would enjoy what we had planned. Quite to our shared satisfaction, we were quite right.

2008090702.jpg 2008090703.jpg
Editor's note: As a reminder, these are the tempting soles of
"Diane" who is featured in the story Married Friends With Benefits.

All I told my husband about our planned "sexual date" was that Bob and I had "planned something very naughty," and that Bob would call him home when the time was right. I inferred that he would come home to find that I had been blindfolded, and bound spread eagle completely naked by Bob and Diane while he was out of the house so that he could come home to find me being sexually ravished by them. This was one of his favorite scenarios. Naturally, I enjoyed it as well, but this is not what Bob and I had planned. We had planned something entirely different.

Bob on the other hand had told his wife that he had arranged for a single "female friend" of theirs to give her an erotic massage, but with a twist to add to the sexual tension, and to fulfill a fantasy of his. Her instructions were to unlock the back door of their house just before blindfolding herself on the bed in their bedroom, and to use a pair of fur-lined cuffs to secure her wrists to the middle of the bed's headboard after securing her legs apart with ankle restraints at the bottom corners of the bed. It would be self bondage at it's finest. All this, while she was home alone. As Bob had explained it to me to ease Diane's concerns, he had assured her that their friend was someone whom they had played with before, and they only wanted to keep "her identity" a mystery to add to the naughtiness. Diane was full bisexual, and looked forward to having a masseuse give her a massage, most especially if there would be sex involved, which there would be.

Ironically, I've always considered myself to be straight, and I still do, but I still find it exiciting to be a part of another woman's orgasm, especially if I'm the one inducing it from her in a "forced sex" kind of way. I learned that from my husband. I'm not into girl-on-girl sex; not openly. I don't have the inclination for it. On the other hand, while playing with other couples, I find it nicely arousing to be the reason for another woman's orgasm, and I certainly enjoy it when another woman gets me off. In a way with what Bob and I had planned, I'd be exploring my sexuality with women a bit more, but in a way that would be "anonymous" and comfortable. Even more, despite not having a foot fetish per se, I looked forward to exploring that part of my sexuality as well, and in the context of the kind of sexual naughtiness that I have grown to really enjoy.

I learned later on that Bob had called my husband to our house, as planned, on the pretense that he would come home to find me bound and blindfolded. But instead, also as planned, he explained to him that I was actually already well into the sexual ravishent of his wife Diane at their home. I wish I could have been there to see my husband's face, but as Bob described it, my husband was as aroused as he had ever seen him, and could hardly wait to see what was going on. But as planned, by the time he would get to Bob and Diane's house, I would have already been there for about an hour and a half.

When I arrived at
Bob and Diane's house, as expected, I was able to enter without a key through the door that Diane had left unlocked. They actually lived within a mile of our house, so it was convenient for foursome fun whenever we decided to be naughty together. Even though I had been to their house numerous times before, entering on my own in such a sneaky way was quite arousing. Even more arousing was to enter their bedroom to find that Diane had laid herself face down on their huge bed completely naked. She was blindfolded, and a pair of cuffs were securing her wrists together at the middle of the headboard. Also as Bob had instructed her to do, her legs were spread apart with her ankles in cuffs that were secured to the bottom corners of the bed. Underneath her thighs and stomach were small pillows that elevated her body in such a way that it totally exposed her pussy and ass quite vulnerably. Her self bondage was complete, and quite nicely done.

Despite being straight, I found it highly arousing to find that Diane had indulged her husband, and me so beautifully. She was exceptionally sexy because of how the lights of the many candles around her showcased the curves of her
naked, and exposed body. Even though she was overweight, more than I am, she was nonetheless an inviting, and tempting sight to behold. As you can see from the photos in this story, her feet were quite tempting as well.

2008090702.jpg 2008090703.jpg
Editor's note: As a reminder once again, these are the tempting soles
of "Diane" who is featured in the story Married Friends With Benefits.

I had planned to start the naughitness by giving Diane a full body massage, a really great one as she had so expertly given me a number of times before, but instead, I leaned down at the foot of the bed, and stretched my arms apart as I lightly tickled, touched, and explored every inch of her soles. Without saying a word, she moaned aloud her approval, and sank into the kind of pleasurable trance of contentment that I had so enjoyed myself whenever she would do the same to me.

I realize that I've already explaned how I don't have a foot fetish per se, but that doesn't mean I didn't find exploring Diane's soles and toes to be arousing. I did! Even more than I had thought I might, given that I was enjoying Diane's body one-on-one without the confort of playing in a foursome with my husband and Bob. In fact, I was almost instantly looking forward to sexually ravishing Diane on my own without the interference of anyone else.

I had sexually ravished my husband while he was tied and helpless to do anything about it, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but to my surprise I was finding that having Diane tied and helpless before me more fascinating than I had thought it might be. It was most enjoyable having Diane's soles helplessly before me. Slowly switching back and forth, I licked every inch of her soles, and slightly lifted each foot in the cup of my hand so that I could have full access to sucking her toes one by one. I fingered myself as I stimulated her soles and toes with my fingers, mouth, and tongue. I was quite wet with pleasure.

Other than moaning aloud her pleasure from time to time, the only thing that Diane said was, "I hope I don't wear you out because I'm not about to tell you to stop."

After a fairly long time at Diane's feet, I began giving her a full body massage, a very thorough one, from her feet to her neck, and back down again. I made sure that there was no kink in her body; not a one. I also happily brushed up against her pussy, which had gotten wet in the beginning, and had stayed quite wet all along.
I teased it, and her clitoris little bits at a time; not enought to make her cum hard, but more than enough to keep her wet with desire for more.

I continued doing to her what I knew I would enjoy having done to me. This clearly worked, because when it came time for me to free her ankles, and turn her over onto her back, she very happily submitted, and put up only a mock resistance when I restrained her ankles to the bottom corners of the bed. With her legs spread apart, she was vulnerable once again to being sexually ravished. I could tell that she was looking forward to having "forced orgasms" induced from her, which I definitely looked forward to giving her. But before that would happen, I pressed the redial button on my cell phone.

As planned, Bob's voice could be heard over the speaker phone. "Ah, this must mean you are restrained tightly and well on your back right now. Have you figured out who your mystery masseuse is yet?"

Diane guessed correctly, and said my name.

In a tone implying that his wife was wrong, Bob coyly answered back, "That's an interesting guess. But if it's any consolation, she and her husband are coming to the house in about a half hour to join us for a jacuzzi."

I could see from Diane's face that she was suddenly thinking that she had guessed wrongly. She gasped out loud, as if she was embarrassed, and had maybe offended her mystery masseuse by guessing incorrectly. I was amused.

As planned, I continued role-playing the part of Diane's mystery masseuse while continuing to play with her, even as Bob and my husband silently entered the bedroom to watch the last of Diane's sexual ravishment. As our husbands watched, which I found them watching to be intoxicatingly arousing, I induced a number of "forced orgasms" from Diane's naked, and vulnerable body as she struggled in her restraints from the intensity of being so overwhelmingly ravished.

By this time Bob had confessed to my husband everything that we had planned, and he became part of the plan himself. So just before I pretended to leave as Diane's mystery masseuse, we staged a fake conversation just outside of the bedroom, but within earshot of Bob's wife.

The last thing that we had Diane clearly hear was from me as I said to an imaginary mystery masseuse, "Well, it was nice meeting you. It's too bad that you have to go. Maybe all of us can get together another time."

As disguised as I could make it, I pretended to be Diane's mystery masseuse, giggled a bit, and softly garbled unitelligible words as if I was saying thanks, and good-bye. Maybe one day we'll reveal to Diane what we had done, but for now I'm content letting her think that another friend with benefits of hers was her mystery masseuse.

After we played with Diane as a foursome before releasing her, and then enjoying their jacuzzi together, I happily submitted to their impromptu plans. As my husband liked, Diane took me into their bedroom to give me a full body massage while our husbands continued to enjoy the jacuzzi. At some point, as we've done before, Diane restrained me spread eagle on my back while she was still alone with me, and got me off a couple of times before our husbands joined in to sexual ravish me together.

It's nice having good friends with benefits. I'm looking forward to more sexual adventures with them, and maybe including some of you who may read this story, and find it appealing. Foursomes are great, but a small group of six or eight like-minded friends with benefits can be even more enjoyable.

This illustrated story was submitted anonymously.

To give feedback about this story, or to be considered for naughty adult fun if you
are in the Los Angeles area, send a message to

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