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Shoe Store Surprise
Published on Friday, June 14, 2008
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Webmaster's note: There should be no question as to the illegality of paying for sex,
even if it's simply a matter of giving a gift for sexual favors. This story isn't about that,
and of course doesn't condone any kind of prostitution except in places where it is legal.

Darla could tell from the start that the man helping her try on shoes had a foot fetish. The bulge in his pants gave it away, not to mention all of the extra attention he was giving her.

"You have beautiful feet," he said to her as he held one of her bare feet in his hand. "And they are so soft, too," he added.

"Thanks Albie," she replied with a knowing smile on her face after noticing the bulge in his pants, and his name tag.

"How did you know my ..." he started to say before Darla interrupted him.

"Your name tag," she answered back. "By the way, my name is Darla."

"Oh yeah," he said with a red face. But what embarrassed him the most was that he could tell that Darla had clearly noticed the bulge in his pants. She was staring right at it.

"I see that you have a foot fetish," she told him with confidence as she discreetly gave his hard cock a firm squeeze through his thin wool suit trousers.

He gasped with pleasure, and surprise. Darla was maybe twice his age he thought, and had taken control of the situation. He did have a foot fetish, intensely so, but he was too embarrassed to admit it. He was dumbfounded, and quite speechless.

"You do have a foot fetish?" Darla rhetorically asked with confidence.

"I ... uhhh ... I," he stammered.

"Don't worry sweetie," she said with calm. "Of course you have one. It's perfectly fine to have a foot fetish, and your little secret will be safe with me." Then she asked, "How old are you anyway?"

"I'm 22," he answered. Trying to gain his composure, he added with pride, "I'm the assistant manager here."

"That's great," Darla commended him. Sensing an opportunity, she asked, "So what kind of discounts can you give to women who has pretty feet? You do think I have pretty feet, don't you?"

"Absolutely! You have VERY pretty feet," he said emphatically. Being young and relatively inexperienced, but also happy to show Darla that his position as assistant manager had its perks, he told her, "Normally employee discounts are 10%, but I get a 15% discount, and I'd be happy to give that to you."

"That sounds good,"
she said. But now she was having fun with this young shoe store assistant manager, and wondered if she could get a free pair of shoes from him. Thinking that she should at least give it a try, she coyly asked him, "Your employee discount sounds great, and I'd be happy with that, but if I made it worth your while, how does giving me a free pair of shoes sound to you?"

"I can do that,"
he blurted out without giving it any thought. By now he was thinking of all the things he would like to do to Darla's sexy feet.

"Are you sure you can give me a free pair of shoes?" She asked.

"No, really, I can do that without a problem. I have ways to remove shoes from our inventory," he explained. "Don't worry about it." Albie was an honest young man, so theft never entered his mind. He already planned in his mind to pay for the shoes himself using his employee discount, and was more than happy to do it.

"Well, as long as you aren't going to steal them from the store, I'll be happy to give you some time with my feet for a free pair of shoes as long as it doesn't involve any actual sex. Even if I wanted to do it, because you are SO cute," she said in a teasing voice, "exchanging a pair of shoes for sex wouldn't be proper, let alone legal," Darla explained. "So what would you like to do to my feet?"
Darla had seen Albie preparing to close the store when she walked by it in the mall, and was taken by his good looks. On a lark, she had suddenly decided that she might be able to have a little fun. It had only been a couple of days before she had a pedicure, and she was in the mood to show it off.

"May I lick your soles, and suck your toes?"
Albie excitely asked.

"If you have some place you can do this in private with me, sure,"
she answered. Admittedly, Darla was just almost as excited as Albie was, and became aroused by the warm wetness she felt in between her legs. "Hmmm," she thought to herself. "I'm getting wet from all of this."

"We're supposed to be closed right now anyway, so if you don't mind waiting in the storeroom back there," he said pointing to curtains behind the cash regsiter, "I'll lock up, and be with you in a couple of minutes."

"My feet will be waiting,"
she said with amusement. Then she thought to herself, "This should be interesting."

While Albie went to the front of the store to pull down the steel mesh security gate, and lock the place down, Darla walked in through the curtains behind the cash register, and spotted the perfect place to wait for Albie. There was a thickly
cushioned armless, and backless couch that was long, and wide enough to comfortably lay down on. It was the kind of furniture that was used in the store so that people could sit comfortably, and try on shoes. She sat down on its edge, and waited for Albie, which didn't take long at all.

Albie had very quickly locked the store's security gate, and rushed back into the storeroom. He figured that he would manage the store's receipts, and prepare the cash register for the next day's opening later on. He definitely didn't want to keep Darla waiting, and was afraid that she might change her mind about letting him enjoy her feet, so he was in the storeroom in less than a minute.

"That was fast," Darla said with amusement. She could tell that Albie was excited about the opportunity to enjoy her feet.

"Yeah, I've got other stuff to do, but I'll do it later," he explained.

"So, how would you like to proceed?" She asked while crossing her legs, and dangling one of the new high heeled open toed shoes next to his knee. She let it drop off of her high arched foot, and pointed her toes in his direction. Her toed touched his knee, and he gapsed aloud with pleasure.

"My God your feet are perfect," he told her while dropping to his knees in front of her. He gently grabbed her naked foot, uncrossed her legs, and then picked up her other foot to slowly strip off its shoe while lightly tickling her sole. He repeated waht he had told her in the store only minutes before. "Your feet are SO soft. You obviously take good care of them."

"Thank you,"
she replied. "I'm glad that you appreciate them."

"Would you mind very much if I had you lay face down? I'm kind of a sole man, and would really love to see your soles."

Without saying a word she stood up, turned around, and laid face down on the couch.

Albie was astounded at how amazingly soft Darla's soles were. There wasn't a single callous, and her soles were perfectly wrinkled, exactly like he hoped they would be, and exactly how he often fantasized perfect feet to be. He laid his face down upon her arches, and in between them while holding her feet together with a firm grip of her ankles. He could smell the light fragrance of soap that still lingered from her late afternoon bath. He knew that many guys with a foot fetish liked smelly feet, and even dirty feet, but he wasn't one of them. He most appreciated, and was turned on by really clean, well care for feet, and hers were about as perfect as feet could be; at least for his tastes.

Darla's feet were size 8 1/2, slightly larger than what seems to be a normal size 7 1/2 for many women, but he was generally more turned on by larger feet, so Darla's were a perfect size. She had slightly higher then normal arches, which Albie also appreciated. Her toes were symmetrically shaped, and a bit longer than many other women's. Her heels were exceptionally smooth, and her ankles were small. Lifting his head up a bit, Albie used his tongue to slowly probe, and explore each of her toes, and then every wrinkle of each of her soles. He also gently lifted each foot in succession, and sucked every one of her toes.

Meanwhile, Darla was enjoying every single moment of Albie's probing tongue. She loved the way that he sucked each of her toes, and appreciated the time he was taking to do it right. Shrimping is the word for it, and she loved it when a man knew how to shrimp a woman's toes. There was a real art to it. She would have complimented him on it out loud, but she didn't want to distrub his rhythym. Instead, she showed her pleasure with some low moans of approval.

Albie not only noticed Darla's moans of approval, but he also noticed how she was beginning to slowly undulate her hips, and spread her toes on occasion. He, too, didn't want to say anything for fear of disturbing the moment. He had shrimped women's toes before, but not often. He had never done this with women of his age, but with women who were older than him, and who clearly knew of such pleasures. At this point Albie had gotten so horny that he wondered what Darla might do if he was to take things a step further with her feet. He was about to find out.

At first Darla didn't notice how far Albie had decided to go with her feet until it was practically too late. Despite what she had told him earlier, his foot fetish attentions had gotten sexual.

Albie gently lifted both of Darla's feet, and sat down on the end of the couch so that he could place her upturned soles upon his lap. He proceeded to give Darla one of the most amazing foot massages that she had ever enjoyed. He would lift one of her feet at a time, give it a thorough massage that included shrimping with his mouth and tongue, and then he would do the same to her other foot. Sometimes he would massage both of her feet at the same time by firmly holding onto her ankles with one hand while using his free hand to stretch his fingers over both of her soles. Occasionally he would tickle her soles, usually very lightly, but sometmes harder, which would elicit her reaction to gasp a little out loud, and struggle underneath him as he held her down by her ankles. Because Darla could really only feel the top of her feet lying on the wool of Albie's trousers, she didn't noticed that he had unzipped his fly. All she was aware of was his expert foot massage, and other sensations he was giving her with the palm of his hands, his fingers, mouth, and tongue.

At one point, she said to him as a way to affirm her consent. "This feels SO good. I'm almost feeling guilty about it because I don't want to wear yourself out, and I'm not about to ask you to stop. I like how you tickle my soles, too, especially when you hold onto my feet like you do, and make me endure it."

He simply replied,  "It's totally my pleasure, and I'm not worn out at all. Just relax, and enjoy it, 'cause I sure am."

"Then my feet are yours. You can do whatever you want to them,"
she said with sincerity, and a nervous laugh, but she said it without any real consideration. Within a few minutes, she wondered if she had said the right thing. She wondered if she had given him permission to do what he wanted to do. But the many moments of pleasure to follow soon overwhelmed her thoughts, and they were conveniently forgotten.

Albie had left his trousers on so that Darla wouldn't freak out from feeling the bare skin of his legs upon her feet, but he had discreetly freed his cock from its enclosure by unzipping his trousers, and had tucked it in between his own legs as if it wasn't there at all. He was hoping that she would be all right with his cock touching her feet after she had gotten horny enough to be a little sexual. He hadn't forgotten her admonition about mixing sex and money, but that wasn't what was happening, and he hoped she would understand this as he did because that was the truth. After all, she had made it clear to him that there was to be no exchange of money for sex. It hadn't even been implied, and it certainly hadn't been arranged.

By now Darla had gotten quite horny, and wished that she could openly touch, and play with her herself for some relief, but she figured that would change the dynamic of their arrangement, so she chose to be more discreet instead. As carefully as she thought she could do it, she slowly tucked her arms underneath herself, and inched her fingers to her crotch. She wished that the fabric of her skirt wasn't in the way, but thankfully it was thin, so she could play with herself as she desired while Albie continued to have his way with her feet.

Albie had been so focused on enjoying Darla's feet that he hadn't really noticed how she had tucked her arms underneath herself. He couldn't be sure, and couldn't even tell if she was playing with herself, but he assumed that she was; at least she hoped this is what she was doing. Seeing this helped him to make a decision to free his cock even more. But it wasn't the mind in his head that decided this for him; it was the libido of his other head; the head of his cock that made the decision for him. And because this decision seemed to still be consensual, he let that decision stand. Opening his legs apart ever so slightly allowed his cock to spring forth. It was hard from all of the foot play, and was ready to get off on more. Standing erect, and firm, his cock was sandwiched perfectly in between Darla's soles when he brought them together again while holding them firmly by her ankles with the grip of his left hand.

Darla didn't notice right away that Albie's hard cock was in between her soles. Without the benefit of sight, it wasn't immediately relevant to the pleasure she was feeling because of what Albie was doing with her feet, and it certainly wasn't apparent.

Precum was pushing up from Albie's cock, and dripping over in long strings of thin cum that attached itself to different areas of Darla's soles. What seemed to excite Albie most, and cause his precum to spew forth even more was the sexual dominance of holding Darla's soles together with a firm grip of his left hand, especially when he tickled her soles with the fingers of his right hand while Darla's squirmed underneath him. Darla wasn't wildly ticklish, but she was ticklish enough at times that she couldn't help but to struggle underneath Albie's grip. The more that she struggled, the more aroused Albie became.

As Darla had earlier admitted to Albie, she enjoyed how he dominated her feet by holding onto her ankles, and tickling her soles. At times the tickling would almost be too much to take, but he seemed to know when to give her a break, so she was pleased to endure the tickling torture that he was putting her through since he was keen to watch her body language, and adjust his play accordingly. The tickling that he was putting her through, combined with playing with herself on her own, was the perfect stimulation to give her a series of small orgasms, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She was lucky enough to be mult-orgasmic, even though having a lot of smaller orgasms could be frustrating without topping it off with a huge climax.

Albie's precum was getting more frequent, and it was about to build to a real climax. He knew that if he didn't ease off a bit, he wouldn't be able to stop himself from cumming really hard, and shooting a huge load all over Darla's feet and legs. Each time that he tickled the soles of Darla's feet while holding them down by her ankles, the only thing that she could really do was to move her feet back and forth, and create friction upon his hard cock with quite an effective solejob. He knew that at any moment he was going to shoot his load if he wasn't careful.

As the tickling got more intense for Darla, the more she struggled underneath Albie's firm grip, and the harder her soles squeezed around his cock. "His cock!" Darla exclaimed to herself. "How can that be?" She asked herself. But by then it didn't matter. She was glad that his cock was in between her soles. With a devious smile, hidden from Albie's view, she began rubbing his cock with her soles, and squeezing it with an intended fervor to make him cum. She wanted to feel his hot cum splash down upon her feet and legs so that she could enjoy the satisfaction of a solejob well done, and so that it would give her the added excitement to make herself cum really hard.

Albie was no longer in a position to slow down, and hold back on his climax. Darla has clearly taken control of his cock, and wouldn't let up until he climaxed. He was amazed at the strenth of her soles pressing against his cock, and at how intense the pleasure was from her soles squeezing his cock so hard. Within seconds his cock exploded with a series of orgasms that shot huge loads of cum high into the air, some of which fell onto the hem of Darla's shirt, but most of which fell upon her legs, and the soles of her feet.

Suddenly Darla climaxed with a series of powerful orgasms, and couldn't help but to make that known to Albie with gasps of pleasure that escaped her lips and mouth. "Oh my God!" She exclaimed.

"No kidding!" Albie chimed in agreement. "THAT was amazing!"

Albie grabbed a small towel that was lying nearby. He was supposed to have gone to the health club later on with it, but was glad he used it for this instead.

Darla wasn't sure what to think, except that she was also glad to have had Albie take advantage of her feet like that. Being the so-called older woman, and supposedly the one with more responsibility, she added with some guilt, "I hope you don't think that this was part of me getting a pair of free shoes, because that was NOT the agreement."

"You're not mad, are you?"
Albie asked.

"No, not at all," Darla assured him. "I just don't want there to be a misunderstanding about this," she explained.

"I'm clear on it," he tried to assure her. "This sex stuff has NOTHING to do with you getting a pair of free shoes."

"Okay, good. As long as we're on the same page here," Darla replied.

Albie exclaimed.

This story was submitted by Tickle Man who welcomes your comments.

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