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My High School Spanish Teacher's Beautiful Feet
Published on Monday, January 14, 2008

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This is a true story about my Spanish teacher I had when I was a freshman in high school.

I've had a foot fetish dating back to when I was about 12 years old. I didn't get to do much about it because I was very shy and didn't want anyone to know.

When I was a freshman in high school, I took the regular boring classes everyone had to take. The high school I went to was Catholic, so I thought for sure nothing would ever happen there. I showed up to my first class, which happened to be Spanish, and I noticed a beautiful yound lady standing by the teacher's desk who I thought had to be my new teacher. We'll call her Ms. Scherwinski for this story.

The way the classroom was designed, the desks were split down the middle. Each side had about 6 rows and went 3 desks deep with everyone facing the middle. The teacher had a desk in the middle at the end of the aisle. So as we each go around the room introducing ourselves, she has a seat at that desk.

Now let me give you an idea of what she looks like. She's about 5'5" with blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. Gorgeous looking body that's got curves in the right places, and of course, about a size 7 shoe.

So as she sits down I notice she starts to play with her shoes. She is wearing those brown pennyloafers with white, almost nylon socks. So as everyone else is introducing themself, I'm staring at her shoes, and waiting for her feet to pop out.

I didn't have to wait long. She loved to play with her shoes and feet from what it looked like. Her feet were constantly dipping in and out, and she was dangling her shoes from her toes. I guess the thing that drove me the most wild was, those socks were hiding what her feet really looked like, so it kept me wondering.

Fast forward to the end of the year. She and I actually became pretty close. She was younger, and I was the class clown, so we would always talk and semi-flirt in class. She would catch me daily looking at her feet, but she just kept teasing me with all that dipping and dangling. She would even do it while she looked at me.

I never got the courage to actually do anything about it, which is a bummer. And I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but I wanted this to be a true story.

So the last day of class was our Final Exam. It's Summer. I walk in the class and sit down. Ms. Scherwinski starts to walk around and hand out the test to everyone. When she gets to my desk, I look down and notice she's wearing open toe sandals! She even stands next to my desk for a few extra minutes for me to get some glances. She smiled down at me, and I gave back a huge smile of approval. The moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived, and those feet did not disappoint! They were absolutely beautiful. Her toes were not polished, but they didn't need it. They were perfectly proportioned from big toe down to the little one. I just wish I had a pair back then to actually say something or do something.

This is where my story would end. I've been holding this for almost 15 years now! I hope she reads this and emails me. Thank you all for your time. Hope you enjoyed and can relate!!

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