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Helplessly Tickled On the Couch
Published on Wednesday, December 12, 2007
This story was submitted anonymously.

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I had no idea until recently that my girlfriend Darla's husband David has a foot fetish like my husband has. David had never really approached me on the subject, and Darla had never mentioned it to me.

One late evening when my husband and I were over at their house watching a movie, it became quite clear that David has a foot fetish. But it's much more than that. He has a tickling fetish as well. Throughout the movie, David gave his wife a foot massage, and my husband gave me one as well while we wives sat on the couch. This was the first time that my husband and I had ever seen David give Darla a foot massage. We were a bit surprised, especially since he really seemed to enjoy it.

After the movie, David suddenly held onto Darla's ankles to tickle her bare soles. I could see that my husband was aroused by it, and strangely enough, so was I. But Darla got really annoyed.
"Hey! Knock it off," she told her husband. Nodding her head in my direction she added, "Tickle HER feet." Her voice was commanding.

Much to my surprise, David suddenly grabbed onto my ankles with an elbow lock, and began tickling the soles of my feet. As my husband already knows, my feet are terribly ticklish, so of course I thrashed about, and tried to free myself from David's grasp.

"Wow! Your feet are really ticklish," Darla exclaimed with glee.

By then I had freed myself from David's grasp, no thanks to my husband who just sat there with a big grin on his face. I might have been pissed at my husband for not coming to my rescue, but his obvious pleasure at seeing David tickle my feet kind of turned me on. Besides, I was strangely aroused by what David had done myself.
My panties were wet, and I realized that David's quick surprise tickle had made me cum. It was a small climax, but it felt great. I could hardly believe that five seconds of having the soles of my feet tickled could make me so wet. I could feel myself still dripping, and getting wetter.

In retrospect, I think it was the anticipation of what was about to happen next that made me so horny. It was all so obvious, even then. While my husband gave his tacit approval by sitting on the carpeted floor with a big grin on his face, and doing nothing, Darla and her husband worked in unison to trap me beneath them on the couch. As I instinctively twisted my body to free myself from their grips, I landed face down on their couch. Darla grabbed onto my wrists, held them tightly together behind my back, and sat down on the back of my thighs.

I was in no position to move because David had sat on the back of my legs next to Darla. But it wasn't just their combined weight that held me down. David had bent my legs back at the knees, and had trapped my feet quite effectively with another elbow lock. In essence, I was hogtied with their bodies. Surprisingly, the tickling became much more erotic, and sensuous than it was painful. Normally because of my high level of ticklishness, I wouldn't be able to enjoy being tickled, but the way that Darla and David were tickling me was much different. It went beyond erotic sensuality. It became sexual.

In the human hogtie that Darla and David had me in, they were in a perfect position to completely take advantage of me in every way possible. While David paid lavish attention to my feet with his hands, fingers, mouth, and tongue, Darla did the naughtiest tickling of all by brushing aside my loose shorts to expose my pussy and clitoris to her expert prodding. While continuing to hold my wrists together behind my back with one hand, the fingers of her other hand tickled my slippery pussy lips, and expertly stimulated my clitoris. In no time at all she had me climaxing to multiple orgasms while David simultaneously stimulated my soles and toes.

As tears of pleasure streamed down my cheeks from the intensity of forced orgasms, I looked over at my husband who was enjoying himself more than I had seen in a long while. From that point on, our relationship with Darla and David became one of "friends with benefits" as is commonly described in reference to friends with whom one has a sexual relationship. We never would have thought this could happen with these otherwise g-rated friends of ours. Then again, we never knew that David had a foot fetish. Go figure.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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