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Drunken Mother
Published on Thursday, July 12, 2007
This story was submitted anonymously.

Disclaimer: This story involves incest, which of course we do not condone.
However, we support free expression as long as the activity described is not illegal.

Author's note: "I just wanted to post a story about an experience that I had
not too long ago. I was inspired to live out my fantasy thanks to the material I
found here on this web site, and I would like to hear feedback from you all. Thanks."

Unfortunately, this author instructed us not to make public his name or e-mail address
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- This story has not been edited for grammar or spelling mistakes -

Since I was young, I had a foot fetish. I’m an only child, my dad’s Black but he left before I was born, and my moms is a pale skinned El Salvadorian. I remember the times when I was young she would fall asleep I would crawl to the bottom of the bed and sniff her wide lovely size 6 feet. She had perfect toes, short and chubby. Around the age of 18 I stumble onto this web site and saw just how much pleasure I could get from a woman’s foot from the pictures and stories. I started to fantasize about using my mom’s lovely peds jerk my cock. My mum was then in her late 30's and had just got divorced from step-dad. Ever since her divorce, she hasn’t dated really, always goes out with my aunts and gets drunk.

One Friday night my mom was out with my aunts and I had just come home from my friend’s house. It was near midnight and yet there was no sign of my mom. 15 minutes later the door bell rang and she was there leaning on one of my aunts. She was totally hammered “her Tito take your mom she had too much to drink tonight, do you think you can help to her bed”. Sure, I said “ok sweetie I’ll she you tomorrow” She was totally out cold; I picked her up and took her to her bed. I laid her on stomach I thought that would be her most comfortable position. Then I noticed that she was wearing tan nylons and her tight black leather pumps. I knew she couldn’t sleep with them on, and I also knew that I wouldn't mind taking them off as her feet must be so sweaty and smelly. I grabbed her left foot and pulled her shoe off slowly. I then sniffed the lovely aroma which was rising from her shoe. I went really hard from the smell, and I knew this could be the chance I had been waiting for.

I grabbed her right foot and took off her other shoe, put kept her nylons on. I had the two most gorgeous feet in stockings lying just below my rock hard cock. Her feet were unique because they were the same pale complexion as her skin. Her soles were so wrinkled around her heels. They were also visible moist, and the balls of her toes where huge, they look like big juicy grapes. I kneeled down in front of the bed and buried my face into both of her nylon soles. Moving from left to right to up and down. I caressed my face with my mother’s hot, plump, sweaty El Salvadorian feet. I put my noise between her toes and inhaled the light musty smell between her toes. I then open my mouth and began to circle my tongue over the bottom of her big toes and baby toes.  Then I just close my eyes and lost it, I madly began licking the soles of her feet pressing my tongue firmly against her sweet feet as I lick up and down each foot. I lick until my mouth became try and then just pressed my face all over her soles. I felt like I was in another world worshiping my mom’s feet. The felt like the softest leather you ever touch, and those wrinkles up around heel enraged my lust for her slightly seasoned peds.

Enough is enough I thought, I pulled down my sweat pants and kept my boxer briefs on and pointed my aching throbbing penis upward. I slowly put my arms on the bed and pressed my ding-a-ling on top of her foot soles. Her soles were scorching hot, the sensation of my cock on her feet between my underwear made my pre-cum spill all over. I then pressed myself against her feet, harder and harder. I knew that I had to be careful as I did not want to wake her and to catch me doing this to her.

I pulled my cock and balls out through the dick hole in my underwear and picked up her meaty soles and rapped them right round my now sensitive penis. I then carefully began to give myself a slow teasing footjob. I watch, memorized by sight of my moms thick juicy white soles moving up and down my light brown 7 ½ inch cock. I let a decent amount of sylvia drop right onto the head of my penis only to be caught by moms feet. I watch as my cock head disappeared as I squeezed those juicy wrinkled  peds over the head of my penis, then watch pop out again as I slowly work my mothers feet back down my shaft. I moved her feet quicker and quicker up and down my cock until I could feel myself cumming. Then she slightly moved her head. I froze for a second still holding her feet on my cock, but she was fast asleep and had too much to drink. She could not notice much of what I was doing. I breathed a sigh of relief and pulled my cock away from her feet.

I was still sexually excited and was disparately trying to hold my cum in. but my moms best features was her feet but she also a Latina she has a big round ass and full juicy lips so I looked at her and thought what I could do. I walk around to the other side of the bed where her head was at, and when I arrived I saw that her mouth was slightly open and had been drooling. I had pre-cum leaking all over the place, I felt I might as well but it to good use so I took my still very hard dick and press it against her mouth. Wiping the pre-cum all over the juicy lips,  I dip my cock head in the drool puddle she had mad, then brought my cock up to her mouth again and poke the head of my dick slowly in and out her mouth. I was so ready to cum but it still felt too soon the release. I quickly walk to the other side of the bed back to where her feet were, and then look up at her semi exposed ass cheeks. I was always aroused when checking out my mom’s ass anyway and want to do some freaky shit to it anyways, well what better time then now. I position myself on the bed so that I could press my penis on her soles again and have my face near her ass. I puseh her skirt up over the mountain that was her ass and exposed he juicy latin ass checks. While brush the head of my dick on her still hot wrinkled Spanish peds, I began to rub my face on her smooth warm butt. Eevnetually I manage to wedge my noise and tounge between her funky ass and sniff her sweaty ass hole while I continued to rub my cock on her soles. Soon I went from sniffing her shit hole to tongue poking it, to passionately licking her ass hole. I felt myself ready to explode. I then pushed my cock slowly between her ass cheeks and into her light brown, glistening hole. I slowly thrusted in and out of shit hole. The pleasure made me fuck quicker and quicker, and when I heard the sleepy moans mom was making I was about to cum. I pushed penis as deeply as I could into her sweat brown hole, and then I ejaculated pulse after pulse until I was on empty.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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