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Bob, Carol, Ted, Alice, and Who?

Published on Sunday, June 10, 2007
This story was submitted by Tickle Man who welcomes your comments.

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Author's note: "If this kind of story turns you on, and you would like to live it, or do
something similar with a fun couple, contact me directly by accessing my chat forum
profile. For serious inquiries, you will need to live in, or be visiting the Los Angeles area."

Editor's note: Written by Tickleman, this story is written in a third person narrative for different perspectives.

Carol felt relaxed laying out on the beach. The sun felt warm, and she was looking forward to enjoying a foot massage. At any minute, she knew that she would be interrupted from her reading by a man she had never met before, and she knew that this stranger would be offering her a foot massage because this is what her husband Bob had told her. She peered above the book she was reading to catch a glimpse of her kinky husband who was about a hundred yards away from her, and sitting on a grassy knoll next to the bike path. She knew that he was probably even more excited than she was about having another man come up to her while she was sunbathing so that he could "do his thing" as her husband had put it, and seduce her off of the beach to his place. Carol knew that this whole supposed "chance meeting" had been carefully planned by her husband, but at her request to keep things exciting for her, she had chosen to be kept in the dark about what was going on.

Bob glanced at his beautiful wife from afar, and reminded himself how lucky he was to have a life partner who indulged him so wonderfully, and who embraced his kinky ways. He could hardly contain himself as he saw Ted approaching.

Ted was a bit nervous about approaching Carol even though he knew that she was aware of his impending visit to seduce her. Ted had known Carol's husband Bob for a few months at this point, but he had never chatted with Carol before. He had only seen a few pictures of her, which had been discreetly sent on-line to him by Carol's husband Bob. Ted had been most interested in pictures of Carol's feet because, like her husband, he also had a foot fetish. When he got near Carol, Ted was particularly happy to find that Carol was lying on her stomach. He was a sole man, and recognized her perfectly shaped soles right away.

Alice looked down onto the beach from her rooftop sundeck of the house that she shared with her husband Ted. She could see her husband in the distance approaching Carol just as they had planned together with Carol's husband Bob. She saw Bob, too, as he nodded in her direction when he looked up to give a discreet, and silent greeting. Alice gave him a wink, and then looked out to the beach again. With a cool drink in hand, she sat in a high chair to peer through their rooftop's telescope, which was trained on Carol's backside. Her husband's figure soon came into her close-up view as he leaned down to say hello to Carol. It excited Alice to think of how much fun her husband would be having in seducing Carol from the bach to their beautiful home.

As Ted came into Carol's view just above her book, which she was actually reading, she smiled up at him, and greeted him with a warm, "Hello."

"Oh, hi," Ted blurted out. He was caught off guard, not expecting Carol to start the conversation.

Carol was caught off guard as well because she had planned for Ted to make the first move, but her nerves had gotten ahead of her, so she did the only thing she could think of doing, and finished her thought. "How are you doing?"

Suddenly, Ted got a burst of confidence, probably because Carol had been so welcoming, and he replied, "I'm doing great. Thanks." Role-playing the scene, he continued by saying, "I hope you don't mind me interrupting you."

"Not at all," Carol answered back. "I'm not really into the book right now anyway."

Playing along, Ted nervously got into the reason for his interruption, and simply blurted out, "I just have to say that you have really great looking feet."

"Thanks," Carol replied. "So you must be a foot man, huh?" She asked rhetorically. Of course she knew that he was a foot man, but it was fun for her to play along, and enjoy the attention that Ted was giving her. Ted played right along, and the two of them found a comfortable cadence to their conversation.

Fortunately for both Bob and Alice, their spouses were getting along just fine, and had gotten quite comfortable with each other. That was obvious the moment that Carol laid her head down to relax, and to take advantage of Ted's offer to give her a foot massage. Carol loved foot massages.

In the meantime, Alice had signalled to Bob that he should come upstairs to where she was so that they could get acquainted, and enjoy from afar her husband's seduction of Bob's wife. Alice and Bob had never actually met before, but they had gotten along quite nicely on-line, so their chats together had made them fast friends. Along with her husband, Alice and Bob had come up with a "game plan" of sorts that was going along as hoped for, so all that remained was to see it to its intended end; a sexual rendezvous of which everyone would enjoy.

One of the more exciting things for Carol was that she literally didn't know what to expect next from Ted, and as long as he was doing all of the "right things" in terms of making her feel good, she was happy to go along for the ride. Carol actually preferred to be kept in the dark about such things, and found it arousing not to know about any of the details of what her husband had in store for her. All Carol knew for sure was that her husband Bob had made arrangements with Ted for him to seduce her in the naughtiest of ways, and that thought alone kept her wet, and horny. She could hardly wait for the next level of excitement, and yet at the same time, she wasn't about to interrupt the foot massage that Ted was giving her. "He's exceptionally good," she thought to herself as Ted made a point to give her a seriously good, and thorough foot massage.

Ted wanted to give Carol the best foot massage that she had ever experienced, so he made every attempt to do the best that he could do. He loved how soft Carol's feet were, and from Carol's body language, along with an occasional vocal affirmation from her about how wonderful he was making her feel, Ted knew that he was on the right track to successfully seducing her.

In the meantime, Alice and Bob had been using their time together to get even more comfortable with one another than they already were; nothing sexual, but it was nonetheless a nice conversation with some added benefits. For one, Bob was particularly happy that Alice's feet were just as he had known them to be in private on-line photos that had been shared with him. They were a lot like his own wife's 7 1/2 sized feet, but a couple of sizes larger at 9 1/2. He actually liked that they were larger, and in just as good of shape as his wife's feet. Somehow without much of a conversation about it, Bob was massaging Alice's feet much like Ted was massaging his wife Carol's feet, but in the privacy of their rooftop deck, he was also shrimping Alices toes with his mouth and tongue. Carol couldn't really enjoy that just yet, but Bob knew that his wife's toes would be thoroughly shrimped later on, and in a much naughtier way.

Role-playing the scene with Carol as he had been, Ted took her seduction a step higher. With a soft voice he asked Carol, "Have you ever had your toes shrimped before?"

Ted asking her this was reminiscent of her husand asking her the same question on the day that they had met. Back then, she hadn't known what shrimping was. "My husband loves shrimping my toes, and I have to admit that it feels great," she told Ted. "But with all the people around us, I don't know," she continued, her voice trailing off.

Taking advantage of their predicament, Ted coyly suggested to Carol, "Well, we could go upstairs to our place for some privacy, and I'll happily shrimp each, and every one of your toes." Then he paused, but added before Carol could respond, "But only if you want."

"I guess we could do that," she answered back. But then she wondered how his wife might play into it since they did talk about their spouses briefly while getting to know each other before her foot massage. "But what about your wife," Carol asked. "Won't she mind?"

"I think she'd mind if I didn't continue with your massage," he replied.

Carol knew full well what was going on, not the details of course, but she knew what was happening. She knew that Ted's wife Alice would be involved in some way. She just didn't know exactly how she'd be involved. Still, she was having a little fun teasing Ted about it. In the end, she of course agreed to follow Ted into his house so that he could finish her massage. She had glanced up to where she had earlier seen her husband, noticed that he was no longer there, and had concluded that he must be in Alice and Ted's house by now so that he could enjoy being a voyeur while he watched from a much closer vantage point. She had been told by her husband Bob to "go with the flow" as long as things were progressing in a way that pleased, and excited her, and that he would be part of the scene at some point when his voyeuristic thrills had been satisfied.

At some point Alice noticed that her husband Ted, and Bob's wife Carol were getting up to head to their house. Alice and Bob were excited more than ever about what would happen next. By then, Alice had shown Bob his "hiding place." It was only one of a number of rooms in their house that showed how accurate Ted and Alice had been in describing how their house was "well equipped for sexual fun." For the most part their house was a normal house, except for its size, which encompassed three floors, not including their rooftop deck that had a small pool and jacuzzi. In other words, except when certain "sexual equipment" was ready for use, one would never know that their house was so "well equipped for sexual fun." Bob's hiding place was a large walk-in closet for their master bedroom. It included a large one-way mirror on one wall that faced the bedroom, and when needed, the one-way mirror became a two-way mirror. On the bedroom side there was the wall length mirror that converted to a two-way mirror. On the walk-in closet side there was a clear view into the bedroom. It was perfectly designed for some really naughty fun.

Only a minute or two after Bob had hidden away in the walk-in closet, he saw his wife Carol come into the bedroom with Alice's husband Ted. Alice was standing next to him, and whispered into his ear, "This should be fun."

"Wow, this is a huge bedroom," Carol exclaimed.

"Yeah, we really like it," Ted replied.

On the way to the house, Ted had offered Carol the use of their shower to "rinse off" the sand of the beach. Carol asked, "Are you sure that you don't mind me taking a quick rinse in the shower?"

"Not at all," he answered back. "Feel free."

Once Carol jumped into the shower, Ted quickly rushed into the walk-in closet with a big grin on his face to greet Bob. "Everything is going great. Your wife is terrific!"

"Thanks," Bob replied.

"The thing is," Ted admitted, "I think your wife is a tad nervous about where you might be. You know, whether or not you actually made it into the house. And I'm not so sure she really believes that Alice is going to be a part of this."

Bob knew that Ted was probably right about his wife's reservations, and he didn't want to make his wife feel too uncomfortable about what was going on. "Well, maybe I should just make myself known so that she can be relaxed about everything."

"But that would spoil the sexual tension that can work so well for us," Ted explained. "I have another idea that I'd like to try. If I can get into the shower before your wife finishes rinsing off, I could confess to her that you're really here in our walk-in closet watching from a one-way mirror."

"But won't that spoil the sexual tension?" Bob asked.

Alice jumped in to say, "Honey, get into the shower with Carol, and let me explain things to Bob, okay?" Bob didn't even say a word. He knew what his wife was trying to do, so he quickly headed to their bathroom, and knocked on the door.

"Carol, would you mind if I took a quick rinse in the shower with you?" Ted asked her.

One of the things about Carol is that she loves being naughty in water, so she gets especially aroused while taking a shower with someone else. I had mentioned this to both Ted and Alice, so this sudden change of plans made a lot of sense.

Carol felt somewhat relieved to hear Ted's voice. She was getting a little nervous about her husband Bob's whereabouts. Carol almost blurted out in a tone of excited relief rather than a coyly sexual one. "Sure," she answered Ted back. "Step on in."

Hastily planned, Ted confessed to Carol while soaping her back, and reaching around to soap her breasts, "Listen, I know that you don't want to hear about any of the details of what's going on, but I sense that you're a little nervous about where your husband is, so I think I should get you up to speed on a couple of things, okay? Would you be all right with that?" 

Feeling relief, but at the same time feeling dread about ruining a perfectly good scenario, Carol replied, "I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I'd like to know that Bob is here in the house watching us, and that he'll be joining us soon. But on the other hand, I guess that kind of spoils the sexual tension a bit, so maybe you can just tell me if he's here or not, and leave it at that. That's all I really need to know. I trust you."

By this time, it was easy for Carol to trust Ted. She knew that her husband Bob had gotten to know him fairly well, and had convinced her that Ted, and his wife Alice would be safe, and fun.

"I'll tell you what. Let me just straight out tell you that both my wife and your husband are sitting behind a one-way mirror in our bedroom, and that everything is going to be all right."

With a half laugh, and attempting to make a joke, Carol replied, "Oh, oh. I guess I spoiled things, huh? I'm such a wimp. Sorry to be such a spoiler."

"Not at all. You need to know. We can still have fun, and I promise you, you will still be surprised with some sexual tension. I haven't spoiled everything," he added, almost instantly wishing that he hadn't said that last part.

Intrigued, Carol asked rhetorically, "Really. What haven't you told me?" Then she quickly added, "Never mind. Let me be surprised. I like surprises." Carol was intrigued.

"That's what I've been told, that you like unexpected surprises," Ted coyly replied. The rythym, and sexual tension between them was once again on high. But to give her reassurance about her safety, and well being, Ted added in a whisper for effect, "Shhh, don't tell your husband that I told you this ... unless you must ... but when we get into the bedroom, I'll flip a switch so that you can see Alice and Bob waiting behind our one-way mirror to watch us. I'll just switch it over to a two-way mirror. They won't even know that you can see them."

"Really?" Carol asked incredulously.

"Sure," Ted replied. "Well, Alice will know, but your husband won't."

Carol really liked that Ted was so mindful of her feelings about what was going on. His thoughtfulness eased her mind completely, and pretty much relaxed her to accept whatever else might happen from that point on.

"Wow, they've sure been in the shower a long time now," Bob said to Alice.

"Not really," Alice corrected Bob. "It just seems that way because you're really anxious to see what happens next. It's only been about 15 minutes. Besides, you know how turned on your wife gets in showers, so it's all good."

Bob knew that Alice was right. He was just getting anxious.

Three minutes later, Alice and Bob could see Ted follow Carol into the bedroom. "Just relax, and lay down on the bed," Ted said to her as he reached down to pull out one of the wrist restraints from the top right corner of the bed.

"You're definitely ready for some naughty fun, aren't you?" Carol playfully teased Ted.

"Absolutely," Ted happily admitted.

Unbeknownst to Bob, while reaching down to pull out that first wrist restraint, Ted had flipped a switch at the side of the bed so that Carol could see into the room where Alice and Bob were sitting. With a scratch to his right temple, Bob signaled to his wife Alice that their one-way mirror had been changed to a two-way mirror. Alice smiled, but didn't tell Bob a thing about it. She got excited by what would happen next, and waited for her next cue.

Whispering into Carol's ear as he began to restrain each of her wrists, Ted said, "I think I'll keep the blindfold off of you so that you can enjoy your husband's reactions when you see what we have in store for him."

Carol thought to herself, "I wonder what he means by that?" At this point, Carol was really intrigued, but didn't say a word. She was kind of excited with the wonder of what Ted might have meant by that statement, and she was also excited with the newness of being restrained, but without a blindfold. She looked around, and noticed that by looking up at the ceiling, there was a tilted mirror that allowed her to have a full downward view of Alice and her husband. He was competely naked, and so was Alice. To her excitement, Carol watched as Alice pulled her husband Bob's arms behind his back, and behind the chair he was in, without much resistance from him it seemed, as she snaps a pair of padded handcuffs around his wrists. She was also turned on, and a bit surprised to hear the snap of the handcuffs, but soon realized that the walk-in closet was miked, so it allowed her to hear Alice and her husband talking with one another.

"You know you've fantasized about this for a long time," Carol could hear Alice telling her husband Bob.

"I know, but I still wasn't expecting this," Carol could hear her husband say.

"You weren't supposed to expect it, sweetie," Alice said to her husband. "Restraining you to this chair was meant to be an unexpected surprise, the kind that you so enjoy giving your wife."

"Ohhh, turn-about is fair play," Carol thought to herself. "Good for you!"

Carol noticed that her husband Bob hadn't made much of a protest when Alice was securing him to that chair, and she also noticed how clearly aroused her husband had become by Alice's sexual domination. Strangely enough, Carol found herself turned on as well, especially with the idea that both she and her husband were now tied and helpless as it were to do anything about being sexually ravished.

By now, Ted has secured Carol's ankles to the bottom corners of the bed. She was spread eagled, and quite vulnerable to being sexually ravished. The idea of it really turned her on. Ted leaned in to whisper into her ear, "Unless you would prefer being blindfolded, I really think you'll enjoy it more if you can see what's going on, but again, that's your choice."
Carol knew that Ted was right, especially since this would be a first for her, to be able to see what was going on the entire time of her sexual ravishment. What made it even better, she thought, was that her husband Bob was in the same predicament, as it were, so she could be excited, and turned on by that as well. "This is really hot!" She thought to herself. So with confidence, and a new excitement, she answered Ted by saying in a hushed whisper, "No blindfold. I want to see what's going on."

Seeming rather pleased, Ted replied, "Your wish is my command."

Then Carol quietly asked, "Can Bob and Alice hear us like we can hear them?"

"Not at the moment," Ted replied, "but if you want me to pipe in the sound to them, just say the word, and I'll flip the switch. Alice will just play along."

"Okay," Carol answers. "Let's do it."

With a touch to his lips, out of view from her husband Bob, Ted winked at Carol, and hit the switch to make the one-way mirror a two-way mirror.

Carol's wife Bob suddenly heared a moan of happy approval from his wife because of how Ted was playing with her. He quickly realized that he could hear what was going on in the bedroom, which turned him on a great deal, but what happened next aroused him even more.

Carol was surprised by what happened next, and almost taken back by it, but because of the calm rapport that she had developed with Ted over his concern for her safety, rather than be panicked by this sudden, and unexpected surprise, she suddenly became very aroused. For reasons unknown to her, she also became very horny when it dawned on her that what was happening was also a surprise to her husband Bob. Realizing that her husband Bob's predicament wasn't part of his plans with Alice and Ted, Carol became even more aroused at the naughtiness of what had been done to them.

With both Carol and her husband Bob comfortably restrained tightly and well in separate rooms, and with both of them able to watch one another being teased and pleased in their respective restraints, the adrenalin level of their sexual excitement hit an all-time high with each of them as a small group of people came in to surprise Carol with their naked, and sexually hungry bodies. As they slowly surrounded his wife, and began to sexually ravish her, combining their efforts until all of them were playing with her at the same time, Bob could only watch. Seeing his wife being teased and pleased so wonderfully, and so thoroughly made him hard as a rock. He almost came instantly when Alice started playing with his cock, as she teased him about how helpless his wife was to stop her sexual ravishment.

Normally with a blindfold around her eyes, Carol could only guess at how many people were playing with her. This time, however, Carol could easily see that there were three couples playing with her at the same time, not including Ted who was just kind of supervising the event, and not including Ted's wife Alice who was getting her husband off to a climax. One couple was playing with Carol's breasts and nipples. One couple was at Carol's feet, tickling her soles, and sucking her toes respectively. The third couple combined their efforts quite effectively to tease Carol's pussy and clitoris with their mouths, tongues, fingers, and with a couple of sex toys, which soon drove her mad with a series of climaxes that started rocking her body. Carol could barely contain herself. The intensity of her orgasms got more powerful by the moment, and it didn't take long at all for Carol's body to have a number of spontaneous female ejaculations on top of her multiple orgasms.

What made Carol's sexual ravishment even more intense was watching her husband Bob being forced to climax while being told by Alice, "Oh yeah, baby, cum hard for me while you are forced to watch your wife being sexually ravished by our friends. That's right, sweetie, watch how your wife is forced to climax. We're going to make her cum over and over again, and neither of you can do anything to stop us!"

"Oh, God!" Carol could hear her husband Bob exclaim while Alice forced a load of cum to shoot high into the air. Then Alice forced her husband to shoot another load of his cum, and she could tell by his heavy breathing, that Bob was barely able to take that much sexual stimulation.

"Oh, God!" Carol heard again. "I can't cum any more! Oh, please stop," she thought she heard her husband Bob cry out. But she suddenly realized that it was her own voice that she was hearing, and she could hardly stand to climax yet another time. The forced orgasms they were inducing from her were causing tears to stream down her face, and her continuing female ejaculations soaked the thick towels that had been placed underneath her. Her feelings of being so sexually overwhelmed were mixed. On one hand, Carol could hardly contain herself, and really wanted them to stop. She could hardly take any more. On the other hand, the intensity of her orgasms, never before felt so strongly in her entire life, were so incredibly wonderful, and satisfying that she secretly wished that they would continue to gang up on her, and induce more forced orgasms from her, if only she could stand being sexually ravished fro just a short while longer.

It turned out that even Carol's own husband had climaxed hard three or four times, a record for him, but Carol was oblivious to his extreme pleasures because she was beside herself with a sexual ecstacy of her own that she had never felt before. When Carol suddenly opened her eyes to see all four men all around her with condoms over their hard cocks, she practically begged them to fuck her. Hoping to enjoy her favorite position, she pleaded with them, "Untie my ankles, and put my legs over your shoulders. I want you to fuck me for all you are worth!"

Carol's ankles were quickly released from their restraints, and each man took his turn fucking her. Bob watched what was going on, and could also hear his wife Carol's exclamations of joy, and satisfactiuon from the G-Spot orgasms that she enjoyed in that position. She had powerful G-Spot climaxes with each one of them, and each one of them exploded cum into their condoms. Not only did each of the men take their turns fucking Carol, but two of the women, including Alice, fucked her hard with their strap-ons as each woman climaxed while inside of Carol.

After everyone had climaxed, certainly no more than Carol, she was untied, and so was her husband Bob. Everybody then headed to Ted and Alice's rooftop jacuzzi for some great chats about what had just happened, and what could be planned for the  next sexual ravishment rendezvous. And to think that it all started with a simple foot massage! Well, that, and a little planning.

This story was submitted by Tickle Man who welcomes your comments.

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Author's note: "If this kind of story turns you on, and you would like to live it, or do
something similar with a fun couple, contact me directly by accessing my chat forum
profile. For serious inquiries, you will need to live in, or be visiting the Los Angeles area."

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Feel free to submit your comments about this story in our free foot fetish chat forum.
To do this, just click here for the story section topic to make your comments public.

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