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Playing With My Wife's Sleeping Feet
Published on Saturday, May 26, 2007
This story was submitted by Dule.

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I played with wifey's feet today. I started upstairs when I went to bed around midnight. She was sleeping without covers on, and I laid there watching her sleep with her new hot pink toes calling me.

After a half hour or so, I rotated my position so that I was sleeping at the foot of the bed near her feet. For the next two hours I watched her hot pink toes falling asleep, but soon I was waking up to her movements, and hoping that her feet would land on my face. Close enough; her right foot was inches away from my lips.

I stuck my tongue out, and licked one of her toes, trying to slurp it into my mouth, but her foot was a little too far for that. I licked it a few more times before I thought about getting her to move it over. I then stretched out my right arm, and curled it back toward the bed so that it was inches away from her sole. I lightly started tickling her arch (I love arches). She jerked her foot, and I froze for a few moments, but did it again since she hadn't moved her foot closer.

She wiggled from my fingers on her sole, and moved her foot away. I lay there looking at her feet together with her soles facing me only a few feet away. I dozed off, only to wake up from her moving around, and her feet smashing against my face. Mmmm, I kissed and rubbed my lips on her toes, and the ball of her feet for hours it seemed like. Then I started licking under her toes. I knew I had waken her by then, but she hadn't spoken a word, and let me continue.

I was having a great time sucking and licking, and my wife was moving around a little. She moved to lay on her back, and rested her right leg on my stomach towards my face so that I could continue our foot play. I resumed sucking her toes, and reached my right hand up to her crotch. It was soaking wet!!

I played around up there while sucking and licking her toes down there, and hearing her moan while watching her squirm around. I finally made her cum on my fingers. After I let her calm down, I kissed up her leg to her ...

This story was submitted by Dule.

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