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My Aunt and My Foot Fetish
Published on Monday, May 14, 2007
This story was submitted anonymously by Aashiq.

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I have always been attracted to women’s feet. Not all of them, but of a certain type, especially nice toes turn me on.

My fun with my aunt began when a tragedy caused my uncle to serve time for six months. She lived in a small town about ten miles from where I lived. My mother told me that my aunt wanted some help and asked me to go live for her for some time to help her out with different things.

I was a student back then, and was on my summer vacation anyway, so I agreed to do so.
<>Sine my aunt was my mother’s sister, I had never really paid a lot of attention to her in a sexual way of course, and we only briefly met whenever we visited each other. I had never spent a lot of time with her. She was in her late thirties or early forties, while I was only nineteen.

So I went to her place, said I’m sorry for my uncle, and then she started to prepare the meal for us. She was wearing closed shoes, so I couldn’t see her feet. Suddenly, she took her shoes off, which probably made her feet itchy on a very hot summer day, and started walking barefoot on the wooden kitchen floor. It was the first time when I had noticed her feet. She almost had the perfect feet for my taste. That moment really made me restless and uneasy then onwards, and despite stopping myself from looking at her with a sexual intention, I could not stop myself.

I always did her chores and work in a way that I could catch glimpse of her feet by frequenting my visits for her for different excuses. One hot summer afternoon, I was also turned on when she was washing some clothes. She was wearing a white shirt and was sweating, exposing her cleavage and bra. But apart from that, my primary concern was her hot toes, which were soaking with foam from the wash, which she was doing manually by the way. It was such a huge turn on.

She never noticed my interest in her feet, and I would not dare to make a move for them as well, unless one dull evening, she herself provided me the opportunity. As we were watching TV, she was lying on the couch, tired after working for the whole day. She asked me, “Could you be kind enough to massage my feet.”

Adrenaline rushed through my blood instantaneously. I had to hide my excitement somehow. I seriously got up from my seat and obliged. I sat at her feet on the couch, put them on my lap and started massaging them. Only touching them hardened my penis, and since I was in a very light fabric trouser, I had a very hard time hiding my erection from her. But she was watching the TV a little too deeply. I pressed her shapely toes with my hands and brushed my finger against her long toe nails. I was always turned on by long nails and their feel. I handled her toes very tenderly and gave my massage like a devotion to a religious ritual. It was literally worship to me at least. I pressed my fingers very hard on her soles though, especially the elevation just beneath the toes. All through the massage, she didn’t look at me. I kept on glancing to check her expressions. I explored every millimeter, every patch of skin on her foot with my fingertips and even put my fingers between her toes. She was about to fall asleep, which would mean greater liberties for me, but suddenly the doorbell rang, and she woke up, took her feet away quickly and went to answer the door. I was really disappointed at that, wondering whether such a chance would come again, and almost went impotent after the experience. But nevertheless, I held my composure and recollecting the feel, masturbated that evening.

But it was too much for me to bear. The foot massage experience had turned me on so much, that I was willing to go to any limits to have a feel of her feet again. So that very night I made the move. My uncle and aunt never slept on beds, but on mattresses on the floor. The mattresses too, were a touch thinner than the usual mattresses. So that gave me an idea.

I slowly walked into her room, which was dimly lighted as she never slept in complete darkness, which gave me the advantage of visibility too. I tip-toed my way in, fearing what her reaction would be if she wake ups. But still I kept on moving forward. It took me a lot of nerve to get to do something for real, but I hung in. I laid at her feet. I know a lot of folks are into foot worship, but I was craving her feet to be touching my penis. So I laid at her feet in such a way that my penis was right next to her feet. First I slowly touched my penis with my pajamas on to her feet slowly, and with intervals, lest she wakes up. As she was well asleep, I took even more liberties and got my penis out. Now I was in such a position that my penis was on her soles and her toes were touching my balls. The toenails almost pinched my balls and every time she moved her feet a little, it gave a feeling of a footjob, and was really arousing.

I really did all I could to her feet that night. After playing with them with my penis, I took the liberty of touching my face against them, smelling them and even sucking her toes. But since it was risky actually sucking her toes, I only did it for a while. I again laid down in a way that my penis was next to her. I placed it right on her toes, splitting them apart with the head of my penis. I rubbed it against her rugged dried heel and did this for almost an hour. Then I laid down in such a way that her back was on me, and I was rubbing my penis on her soles. As I was doing so, she suddenly moved her feet with force against me. It was obvious that she was awake; I could not tell if she was awake all the time. But I always had a feeling she was not sleeping since I sucked her toes. Before I could move back and away to save my face, she placed her feet on me pressing further. I couldn’t believe my luck. Was she approving it? Maybe she had a foot fetish of her own as well. Like many women do.

So I stayed still, and she moved her feet as if trying to give me a footjob. Although she was far from it, but it gave a terrific sensation. Her soft soles really soothed my throbbing penis, and her toes were embedded in my scrotum. I started to press hard too, and stopped deliberately to feel her free movements of feet on me. It went on and on until I ejaculated, a little cum had fallen on her heels but I had to stay in the limits and decided not to create a lot of mess, so I kept the ejaculation to myself, although I would have loved to ejaculate it all on her feet. It was a satisfying experience, and from then onwards, I did it every night to her. We never did it openly, but I knew she enjoyed it as much as I did. As days went on, my toe sucking time increased too.

We never mentioned the activity to each other explicitly, but only saw it in each other’s eyes. Actually after the very first night, I avoided her a little, but she was keen and friendly, which encouraged me further. We really enjoyed the couple of weeks we stayed together and then I returned home with a lot of memories of pleasure with me.

NOTE: It is based on a true story.

This story was submitted anonymously by Aashiq.

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