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Tickling My Wife's Feet
Published on Tuesday, May 30, 2006
This story was submitted by Tickle Man.

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As my name indicates, I'm the Tickle Man, and I love to tickle female feet. I haven't really explored this side of my foot fetish as much as I'd like. In fact, I've hardly done it at all. However, I'm one of those lucky few who has a very understanding wife who is gracious enough to indulge me in my desire to tickle female feet.

On that note, I'm not at liberty as Tickle Man to show my wife's feet on-line for reasons of discretion. However, I can tell you that I am a fan of Water Goddess who I think has exceptionally sexy feet, and if you click the link below, you will be able to see a larger version of a photo of her feet that in my mind's eye I am tickling.

(Click the large thumbnail above to see an ever larger version of this photo)

One of my recurring fantasies involves having my wife tied face down on our bed while watching someone sit on the back of her legs as they tickle her exposed soles. After chatting it up with an on-line foot fetish friend who lives near me in the Los Angeles area, I arranged for him to come over to help me fulfill this fantasy, and with my wife's indulgence of course.

Sometimes my wife surprises me with hot thoughts of her own to please me, and this was one of those times with Chuck. As Chuck had already been told in e-mail before coming over, the plan was to have my wife tied face down, and blindfolded when he arrived, but while she was wearing a pair of blue jeans, and a tank top. At the last few minutes my wife decided that it would be okay for me to make our encounter a much naughtier scenario. What she told me we could do nearly caused me to have a heart attack with excitement. My heart was beating a mile a minute, and I was getting hard preparing my wife for Chuck's arrival.

Instead of my wife being fully clothed as originally planned, she allowed me to strip her completely naked before blindolding her, and tying her down on our bed. After blinfolding her, I tied her wrists together, and then secured them at the top left corner of our bed. I lubed her pussy with Astroglide lubricant, inserted into her pussy her favorite vibrating egg, and then pulled her body taut, before tying her legs above and below her knees. I then tied her ankles together, and secured that restraint to the bottom right corner of our bed. The way that she was tied left her soles face up, and fully exposed.

I had barely finished trying my wife down when Chuck arrived. His jaw would have dropped to the ground if it could have when he first stepped into our bedroom to see my wife completely naked. He had expected my wife to be fully clothed, so he was happily surprised to see not a stitch of clothing on her body. My wife has a very sexy body, but being a foot guy like myself, Chuck's eyes were drawn right away to my wife's exposed soles.

Chuck definitely wanted to tickle my wife's feet, but first he had to take in my wife's soles and toes with his mouth and tongue. He didn't even take his clothes off first. He went straight for her feet. I was sorry that I hadn't tied my wife down with her legs apart because I wanted to have my way with one of her feet while Chuck was having his way with her other foot. Instead, Chuck had his face in both of my wife' soles. He nibbled and licked every inch of her soles, and then sucked each one of my wife's toes as well.

Watching Chuck have his way with my wife's feet and toes while she squirmed in her restraints from then sensations of his mouth and tongue upon her feet got me really excited, and very horny. I threw off the robe I was wearing, straddled my wife's thighs, and then massaged her back. I kissed the back of her neck as I leaned in to whisper to her, "This is making me SO horny."

"Hmmm, me too." She whispered back to me.

As Chuck continued sucking my wife's toes, I applied some of our Astroglide lubricant onto my fingers, and reached around her hips to find her clit. It turned me on to know that our vibrating egg was stimulating her pussy, and I wanted to make her climax with the added stimulation of massaging her clit. My wife undulated her hips as I stimuated her clit. With the added sensation of Chuck sucking her toes, and tickling the soles of her feet, my wife climaxed.

I then stepped away from my wife as Chuck repositioned himself to sit on the back of her legs so that he could tickle her soles. He squirted a bunch of lotion onto my wife's soles, spread it all over, and then dug in with his fingers to give her a hard tickling. She was in no position to do anything about it, so she just squirmed in her restraints beneath him the best that she could, and let out moans and gasps of protests. At one point she exclaimed, "Oh shit, that tickles."

He looked at me with the satisfaction of a tickler having his way with a ticklee, and motioned to me with a nod of his head that I could tickle her, too if I wanted. So while he held onto her ankles, I laid into her soles with my fingers, and tickled her hard. She really couldn't move, and just had to take it.

"No," she protested. "It's too much. Please! Please stop for a second."

I didn't want to be too mean about it, so I stopped to give her a little break. "Okay, but you have to let us tie you down on your back."

"Anything," she pleaded. "Just give me a break."

But Chuck had another idea, and chimed in to say, "Wait. Before we do that, let's each take one of her feet while she's stil tied on her stomach, and give her a really erotic foot massage."

"Hmmm, I'd like that." I responded. "Let's do it."

I untied her ankles and legs so that we could gently pull them apart to the side of the bed we chose to be. Her wrists remained tied. Chuck and I straddled a respective thigh of my wife's to hold her in place, and then bent her leg up at the knee so that we could more effectively massage her feet, and suck her toes. For the next forty-five minutes we gave my wife a dual foot massage. It was thorough, and included a lot of shrimping (toe sucking).

My wife was, as she put it, in Seventh Heaven. So were we.

What happened next doesn't always happen, but the vibes were right with Chuck, and my wife was especially horny, so she happily allowed us to turn her over, and tie her down on her back. But instead of keeping her wrists tied together, we tied them apart, and secured them to the corners of our bed. She's actually more comfortable with her wrists tied apart. We also restrained her ankles to the bottom corners of our bed so that she was in a spread eagle position.

To add to the sexual tension, I said out loud so that my wife could hear, "I think I'll leave the two of you alone for a while. I need to run some errands. I shouldn't be more than a half hour."

Running errands is a little sex game that my wife and I play with one another, even when we play alone, and I'm just pretending to be someone else. I had explained this to Chuck, so he knew what to do. Running errands was a signal that Chuck could have his way with my wife, to have intercourse with her, but it was not a given. It would only happen if my wife wanted it, and roleplayed along with Chuck to let herself be taken as it were. Also, even though I had gotten to know Chuck quite well on-line, this was his first visit into our home, so I wouldn't actually be leaving the house. Still, as long as my wife was enjoying herself, we'd roleplay the scene as if I wasn't home at all, which is exactly what we did.

While I was supposedly out of the house "running some errands," Chuck took advantage of being alone with my wife to have his way with her. After giving her head, and making her cum a couple of times with one of my wife's favorite vibrators, he freed her ankles from their restraints, leaving her wrists tied, and placed her legs over his shoulders so that he could fuck in a position that would stimulate her G-spot.

The little sex game that was being roleplayed included my wife's protests as she feigned resistance. It also included my wife wondering aloud what I might do if I were to come home to find Chuck fucking her. To tease my wife, and arouse her, Chuck reminded her how naughty she was for allowing herself to be tied up, and that because she was tied up, she couldn't stop him from having his way with her. Soon enough he had eased his cock inside of her, and was fucking her while she pulled at her restraints to resist him. Chuck soon climaxed, but not before my wife had a G-spot orgasm, and multiple climaxes after that.

I roleplayed coming home soon after, and then had my way with her too. Afterwards we untied her, and her blindfold was removed so that she could finally see Chuck in person. She wanted to know if he had cum, and he showed her that he had with proof of his climax still inside of the condom.

"Are you ready to cum again?" She asked him.

"I wish I could, but I usually only cum one time, and then I'm spent for at least an hour." He explained.

"I think my wife can make you cum again right now," I chimed in as my wife smiled.

"Why don't you lay down, and let me see if I can get you to cum again," my wife said as she kind of guided him down onto the bed.

Chuck wasn't so sure that he could cum again, but as my wife most often able to do, she made him cum again within a few minutes. As he laid on the bed, my wife laid her soles upon his face, lubricated his cock to make him hard again, and then expertly jerked him off to completion with a load of cum that shot clear up to his chest.

We said our goodbyes to Chuck not long after that, and the cozied into one another's arms before getting ready for a good night's sleep.

This story was submitted by Tickle Man.

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