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Naughty Fun In The Shoe Store
(Published on Wednesday, March 8, 2006)
This story was submitted anonymously.

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The shopping mall was about to close when I stepped into the shoe store to make one last purchase. A balding older gentleman told me that I could my time even though they were closing, and the rest of the employees would be going home soon. He explained that he owned the store, and that he would be happy to assist me personally after he closed out the cash register. He assured me that this would not be a problem at all, and that he was more than happy to do this. I found out soon enough why he was so accomodating.

I happen to like guys who have a foot fetish. I've gotten pretty good at spotting guys who have a foot fetish. My husband is one of these guys, and he  encourages me to be flirtatious when I spot some guy who is showing interest in me because of my feet. I'm proud of my feet, and go to great lengths to keep them in perfect shape. I've been blessed with perfectly shaped feet. They are size 8 1/2 with fairly high arches, and my skin is soft and wrinkly, which is how so many guys seem to like it.

I was trying on a pair of open-toed shoes with a thin ankle strap when the owner of the store came over to give me his full attention. He had just let his last employee go home, and pulled down the security gate so that nobody else would step inside the store. He seemed to be a little nervous when we started chatting, and I could see a bulge in his pants when he leaned down to touch my foot, and assist me into the shoes I had been interested in purchasing. Right away he held onto my foot longer than needed as he helped me into the shoes. He even squeezed the sole of my foot a little bit.

Knowing that I had a man with a foot fetish at my feet, and I could take advantage of it, I cooed, "Oooh, that feels so good. I love when a man who knows what he's doing touches my feet."

"Well you have beautiful feet," he replied, "and it's my pleasure to hold them in my hand."

"Thank you," I answered back. "These shoes are on sale, right?" I asked.

"Yes they are," he replied back.

Toying with the possibilities I asked him, "You don't happen to be offering any special discounts on top of the sale, do you?"

"I think that can be arranged," he said matter-of-factly.

Goading him on with the pointed red toenail of my right foot as I slid it ever so slightly along his upper thigh I laughed and said very naughtily, "The last time a guy in a shoe store offered me a special discount on shoes, he gave me a pair of shoes just for letting him suck my toes."

Without blinking an eyelash he point blank told me that he would offer me the same deal of a free pair of shoes if I let him suck my toes, but that he would also give me a second pair for free if I let him lick the soles of my feet for a while.

"How long is a while?" I asked him quite seriously, "And how would you propose that we go about doing this?"

"How about a half hour of your time?" He asked. "You can just lie down right here," he added. "It's really quite comfortable."

We were sitting on a heavily padded sitting bench that was about six feet long, and maybe two and a half feet across. I knew right then and there that I was going to take him up on his offer, and my heart skipped a beat thinking about it. We were behind a row of shoes so that we were hidden from view of passersby, and I knew we wouldn't be interrupted by anyone because the security gate had been pulled down.

"Face up or face down?" I asked.

"Either way is fine," he answered, "but face down would probably be best since I can give you a much better foot massage that way."

"Oh, so you're throwing in a foot massage, huh?" I asked rhetorically. "I don't think I can pass up a foot massage. I definitely don't get enough of those."

"Good," he replied. "Just lie down, close your eyes, and relax."

That's exactly what I did. As I laid face down on that sitting bench, I noticed how comfortablly soft it was, but I also noticed that my short skirt had hiked itself up a bit when I settled in for the massage. My first instinct was to hike my skirt back down, but I didn't want to call attention to it, so I just left it as it was, and closed my eyes. I actually got wet a little thinking that this man might be able to take some very naughty peeks while playing with my feet, but since my legs and ankles were together at that time, I figured that even if he was able to see my panties a little bit because of how high my skirt had risen, he wouldn't be able to notice how wet I had become.

This man was an expert foot massager, which was clearly evident from almost the moment that he had grabbed onto one of my soles. I was in Seventh Heaven from the start. I lost track of time, and had almost fallen asleep when I opened my eyes ever so slightly to look at my watch. A half hour had already passed. I did not want my foot massage to stop, and wondered why he hadn't yet sucked my toes, which at this point I was longing for him to do. I softly asked, "I don't want to hold you up past the half hour that you promised me, so please don't feel obligated to continue."

"I have the time if you do," he told me, "but if you need to go I'll understand."

"Are you kidding?" I pronounced. "I'm in Seventh Heaven. I'm not about to ask you to stop. You're really quite good at this." Then I added, "You don't mind of I call my husband, do you? I want to let him know that I'm running late."

"Of course," he replied. "Do you want to use my phone?"

"I'm definitely not moving from this spot," I told him with a laugh. "I'll just use my cell. By the way, what is your name so I can tell my husband?"

"Frank," he replied. "My name is Frank."

I gave him my name, and my husband's, and he continued massaging my feet while I called home. My husband isn't really the jealous type. In fact, I knew that he would be turned on by what was going on, and I was anxious to tell him. Sure enough, the moment that I confessed to what was going on, his excitement was obvious. He wanted a blow by blow account of what was going on, and wondered if this guy was doing more than just massaging my feet.

At this point my new foot fetish friend had only massaged my feet. He hadn't even licked my soles, or sucked toes yet, but I had the sudden urge to give a more embellished account of what he was doing to me just to make my husband horny. So when my husband asked me if this guy was sucking my toes, I answered back, "Oh, yes, he's sucking my toes right now, and he's SO good at it, too!"

Much to my surprise, Frank actually started sucking my toes. I turned my head over my shoulder in his direction, and gave him a big smile of surprise, but I also let him know with a moan that I enjoyed what he was doing.

That spurred my husband to ask, "What's he doing now?"

I put my cell on speaker phone, laid it down near me, and replied, "Oh honey, I don't know if I should tell you what he's doing to me now, but it's something that is VERY naughty."

I glanced over my should again to Frank, and silently mouthed, "Don't worry. You don't have to do any of this. I just want to get my husband horny."

He just kind of smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and I think mouthed, "It's MY pleasure!"

I could tell he meant it, too, so I had to be careful about what I said. But at the time I was having so much fun that I really didn't care much about being careful, and just wanted to make my husband as horny as I could make him, which frankly was pretty easy to do under the circumstances.

"Are you on speakerphone?" My husband asked even though it was pretty obvious that we were.

Teasing him I replied, "Why do you ask?"

"You ARE on speakerphone, aren't you?" He asked again.

I looked back at Frank, and we gave each other knowing smiles. We gave a thumbs-up to one another for an inspired performance. I decided not to say anything right away, and instead let out an audible moan so that my husband could hear. My husband remained silent, but I knew that he was becoming even more aroused. Frank was too, as was I.

Maybe it was because of the way I held my wrists together above my head as if I was tied, for I was imagining it, and maybe it was because we were trying to put on a show for my husband, but Frank started to get inspired all on his own to take the lead in our naughty little production. He pulled off his tie, and wrapped it around my wrists as I spoke out in happy congruence with his actions.

"Oh, Frank, I don't know. What would my husband think?" I said to Frank, knowing full well that my husband could hear all that was going on.

My husband remained silent.

Frank actually tied my wrists together with his tie, and then secured my wrists to the sitting bench that I was on as he continued taking the lead in putting on a show for my husband, albeit an audio show. So to add to the mind's eye of my husband I quipped, "Oh, Frank, I can't believe that I let you tie me down like this. What are you going to do to me now?"

Frank carefully turned me over onto my back, and began stripping me naked very slowly.

"Oh honey," I gasped to my husband, "Frank's unbuttoning my blouse. What's he going to do to me?"

Suddenly we heard my husband say with an excited tone, "Oh, yes. Take her clothes off."

Frank couldn't remove my blouse entirely because of my bound wrists, but I was still completely exposed, as he bunched up my blouse around my tied wrists beneath me. So the top half of me was totally naked with my breasts exposed for his pleasure. My nipples were standing erect from the excitement of how naughty this whole event had been. He removed my skirt, and very slowly stripped off my panties, from my soaked pussy, down over my thighs, past my knees, and ankles, and then off of my bare feet past my toes.

"Oh, sweetie, he took my panties off, and I'm totally exposed, and I can't do anything about it 'cause he has my wrists tied down."

Suddenly I heard the sound of a security gate being pulled up.

"Oh my God! Somebody's coming into the store."

My huband was silent, but Frank spoke out. "Oh that's my wife?"

"Your wife?!" I exclaimed!

"Yes, and she knows all about you."

"She does?" I asked. I was strangely excited by this new development. "How does she," I started to ask, but was interrupted.

Frank explained, "It's all part of the plan."

"The plan?" I was perplexed.

As it turned out, my husband and Frank had been chatting it up in e-mail for some time, and my "adventure" to the shoe store had been "arranged" by the two of them. Frank's wife Cheryl was in on it, so for the next hour or so she and her husband did all kinds of naughty things to me while my husband listened over the speakerphone. Both of them were into sole licking, and toe sucking, and it was of course quite an experience for me.

When I got home later, my husband practically raped me, but I was happy to have him take me even though Cheryl and Frank had made me cum over and over again while they had me tied down in their shoe store.

My husband is SO kinky! I love him for it! 

If you are in the Los Angeles area, and are interested in some roleplaying
foot fetish fun, then feel free to send a message to our Fun in L.A. address.

Feel free to submit your comments about this story in our free foot fetish chat forum.
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