What happened to the chat forum?

The short answer is that the YaBB 2.4 chat forum software we had been using since 2002 became obsolete. It simply stopped working.

Will Great Feet install another chat forum?

Possibly. On the other hand, in large part chat forums have gone the way of social media, so it's hard to know at this time.

As an experiment, though, a phpBB chat forum was installed on Great Feet's sister site for any of you who want to see what it's like.

You can check it out by clicking or tapping this link.

Are you still going to show previews ahead of scheduled publication dates?

Yes, previews will still be shown on our site's Previews Page.

We used to show them in our chat forum when it was operational.

Are you still going to list a record of each contributor's history?

At this time, no. That's one of the things that we liked to do in our chat forum when it was operational. That was mainly why we had it.

Unfortunately, not that many people posted comments even though we had at last count 8,606 registered members.

It was great to have separate topics to keep track of what contributors sent to our site. That way, people could easily scroll in one place to enjoy a particular person's contributions.

For contributors who provide their name or online persona, keep in mind that you can search for their contributions by going to our search page.

Does Great Feet have a search engine?

Not of our own, but we do have a really good search page that has two great search engines.

Check it out at http://www.greatfeet.com/search/


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