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Co worker foot massage (Read 310 times)
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I love having a foot fetish!

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Re: Co worker foot massage
Reply #2 - April 4, 2023 at 12:19am
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how much cost massage 2 hours ?
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Re: Co worker foot massage
Reply #1 - March 7, 2018 at 12:06am
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Randy invited his co worker Marissa out for lunch to thank her for the interview that received over 1500 views on IG. She agreed under 2 conditions. 1) she got to interview him about his foot fetish and 2) she got a foot massage after the interview. Randy was more than willing to accept the terms of the date. Marissa was casual in a gold halter top,denim jeans and a pair of cheetah print flats for the 75 weather. They decided to go to the harbor to have a bite to eat and sit at the park for the interview.
Marissa:Sooooo how old were you when you realize you had a foot fetish?(she slipped out of her flats, giving him a peek at her red polish toes, stretching)
Randy: I was 11 when I started noticing pretty feet. I remember my Aunt Dana used to walk around barefoot and she would rub her feet together out of habit. She was a real tease lol it's embarrassing but I couldn't control myself as she always had her toes out.
Marissa: I can keep a secret lol you know my uncle took advantage of my poor tootsies!(crack her pretty toes,rub both feet together slowly wiggling her toes nonstop) Now I have a foot fetish. Please continue (place her feet in his lap, spread her toes)
Randy: I waited to she went to sleep one night..I never forget her toes was painted Orange and I laid on the floor playing with her soft foot. I remember running my fingers in between her pretty little toes, pulling on her toes and squeeze on her toes that night! She just laid there but her toes were very playful. That's when I knew I wanted more.
Marissa:Oooh and what is your favorite part of the female foot?(rubbing both feet together slowly)
Randy: I love the taste of the toes!
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Co worker foot massage
August 11, 2017 at 12:01pm
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Randy decided to do a documentary on foot fetish and do interview with his co worker, Marissa who is a 24 yrs old. She currently attending Loyola University for Fine arts and Literature. He admitted to her his intentions of the interview such as what shoes to wear, also the topic of foot massages and a sneak peek at her size 7 pedicure toes.
Randy set up a camera as Marissa got comfortable on the sofa. He proposed she keep her shoes on until he gave her the key word; "piggies" to reveal her pretty toes. Marissa came prepared for any questions about foot fetish and appreciate the foot massage after the interview. Here's part 1 of the interview.
Randy: I want to thank you for your cooperation during this whole process. Let's start off by asking how old are you but first introduce yourself to the world!
Marissa: Hi everyone I'm new to the foot fetish community. My name is Marissa and I m 24 yrs old my shoe size is a size 7.(she cross her ankles and pop her flat off her foot, dangling from her toes).
Randy: And can you please share your experience with foot fetish whether it's a massage, or notice some one staring at your toes. You said you get compliment all the time about your feet?
Marissa: Yes as you say, I been complimented plenty of times about my feet. My uncle by marriage started looking at my feet when I turned 18. I was sitting in the swimming pool and I just got my toes polish for the summer time. We were in the pool taking a dip and I noticed he would look at my toes when I would wiggle them even under water.
Randy:Mmm can you tell me what color polish was on your toes that day if you could recall?
Marissa: I wanna say that my toes was light pink. I don't get too many colors on my toes.
Randy: Were you upset it was your uncle peeking at your "piggies"? I know it was awkward him peeking at your piggies!!!(pull her flats off her feet cradle both feet in his lap, admiring her toes and pull on her pretty toes) I don't blame him either with pretty toes like these!(he rub in between her toes)
Marissa: I remember he came out up front and said that I had some suckable toes! I was sitting in the chair wiggling my toes up and down and​ he moved closer to my feet and look around and play with my toes and I just sat there letting him. Next thing I know he stuck his tongue in between my toes. It was like he knew he could play with my toes and I wasn't going to say anything about it.
Randy: So you let him suck on your pretty toes? I was going to ask you if you ever had your toes sucked before! (squeeze on her pretty toes, wipe the sweat from between her toes)
Marissa: I wouldn't say I let him suck on my toes but he had his way with my toes for about 2 minutes and we never said anything else about it. He did promise me it won't ever happen again but he was craving my toes.(scrunch up her pretty toes, bending her toes up rubbing both feet together slowly) I didn't know what to say because I thought he was cute. He was married to my aunt Shelby and he confessed he always looks at my feet when I'm walking around barefoot. I don't like wearing socks in the house so that's why I keep my toes polish.
Randy: I did promise you a foot massage since you took time out of your busy schedule to participate in my documentary about foot fetish.(finger in between her toes, scratch under her pretty toes slowly) when was the last time you had your toes sucked? Mind if I suck on your toes for a while?
Marissa:You sure can (spread her pretty toes)
Randy:(massage her both feet together,lean forward as he began sniffing underneath her toes,nose in between her toes spread apart, tongue all across her toes,in between her toes, lick the sweat from between her pretty toes, snack on her toes in his mouth) you need your toes sucked before you leave.(drooling over her toes, smack his lips and tongue all over her toes)Mmmm keep your toes like that (lick the spaces in between her toes)
Marissa:Do my toes taste guud???(wipe her toes up and down his lips, squeeze his tongue)
Randy: Mmmmm hmmm they are sooooo good! Thanks for letting me suck on your toes
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Co worker foot massage
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